Snap-O Fact #99

Post date: Feb 12, 2012 6:25:9 PM

Snap-O Fact #99

President Obama Highlights The Results Of The Auto Industry Rescue In The 2012 State Of The Union Address!

Remember back to the genesis of the auto industry rescue in 2009. President Obama stood almost alone in his unwavering determination to save our last great American manufacturing industry. Although he was viciously attacked from the left, right, and middle he courageously stood his ground. Remember how he was vilified for his efforts. He was called a Nazi who engineered a government takeover of the car companies by some. At the same time others shrilly accused our President of being a Communist. Unmoved by the immense political pressure the President took the blows and for 3 years he quietly and unassumingly did his job. The jury is now in on the “auto industry bailout”; the rescue has been a resounding, astounding success. In spite of the brilliant success the Obama administration fashioned, some critics still can't deal with the truth. 

Republican presidential candidates, particularly Mitt Romney, are still insisting that we should have let the United States auto industry die. Even though this would have produced a massive amount of additional unemployment and perhaps even sunk the country into a full scale depression, the President’s critics simply cannot face the facts. Surprisingly, the President continues to be quietly dignified in this victory as he goes about the country's business.

Finally, in his 2012 State of the Union speech, the President claimed that because of the help General Motors received from the government, they not only paid back the government what they owed but also regained their position as the #1 auto producer in the world. Without President Obama’s rescue plan and rescue packages, the auto industry would have completely collapsed. It was refreshing to hear the President finally, albeit humbly, remind the American people of this singular accomplishment.