Snap Fact #291 - Why Do We Continue to Publish SNAP-CAPs on President Obama’s Commitment to Israel? Let Edgar Bronfman Say it Clearly!

Post date: Aug 30, 2012 6:38:41 PM

Snap Fact #291

Why Do We Continue to Publish SNAP-CAPs on President Obama’s Commitment to Israel? Let Edgar Bronfman Say it Clearly!

He supported Israel’s right to defend itself and confronted head-on the now-discredited Goldstone Report that condemned Israeli defensive action off its coast. He also ordered the United States to withdraw from the Durban Review Conference, whose namesake conference was supposed to be about racism but instead became an anti-Israel hate-fest. Obama stated unequivocally that “The United States will stand up against efforts to single Israel out at the United Nations or in any international forum.”

Going even further, Obama has taken the floor of the United Nations to declare that “Israel’s existence must not be a subject for debate" and that "efforts to chip away at Israel’s legitimacy will be met only by the unshakable opposition of the United States.”

When Fatah and Hamas joined political forces and pressured Israel to enter negotiations with them, Obama told the world that “No country can be expected to negotiate with a terrorist organization sworn to its destruction,” concluding that “Israel cannot be expected to negotiate with Palestinians who do not recognize its right to exist.”

And this is also why Obama has taken such a strong stand against the Iranian nuclear program -- the single greatest threat to the State of Israel and the stability of the Middle East. After years of inaction and neglect by the Bush administration, Obama constructed an international coalition to impose the most crippling sanctions ever on the Iranian regime. These sanctions have already chocked off Iran’s access to many capital markets and have had a profound effect on the way Tehran finances its nefarious operations. Covert U.S. operations targeting Iran’s nuclear infrastructure reportedly have also slowed their rate of progress.

While his opponents can talk tough on Iran, the president is doing what is necessary to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

Nevertheless, despite clear facts and substantial evidence, political partisans and opponents of the president continue a coordinated campaign to distort reality in a brazen attempt to fool the public.

The same type of people who called Obama a closet Muslim and claimed he was not born in the United States now exercise linguistic calisthenics to obfuscate the truth and portray the president as hostile to the Jewish state. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Not long ago, while sitting in the Oval Office, Obama looked me in the eye and said, “My commitment to Israel’s security is bone deep.” He did not have to say it. I already knew that President Obama would never forsake the Jewish state, its security and its people. His record of performance is crystal clear and the charlatans cannot change that.

My father before me actively supported Jewish communities around the world and prior to 1948 closely worked with those establishing the modern State of Israel. For more than a half century, I have worked with successive Israeli governments and U.S. presidents -- Republican and Democrat -- to provide for the safety and security of the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

My family has loved, worked, invested in and supported the State of Israel, its security and its people since before its founding. We have not always agreed with its policies, but we have always been there to support and defend its government and people. We are connected to every facet of Jewish life and want nothing more than Israel’s peace, security, vibrancy and prosperity. I am confident that President Obama shares our values and I shall confidently vote for him in November.

The Rational Majority has issued over 280 SNAP-CAPS to date; in the end there will be 366 on election day 2012. We have covered a variety of topics that singularly tell of one of President Obama’s achievements. Some are huge watershed issues that effect the planet. These are highly publicized, others are less well known, and in some cases have more local implications than national and international issues. Each of them shows that this President is paying attention to the entire range of problems and opportunities that exist today. All together they pay tribute to the amazing record of accomplishment our Chief Executive has produced, in spite of a vicious and unrelenting opposition. Embedded in all of this are several watershed topics that not only show the President’s policies, they also show the man’s mettle and his character. One of these topics has been U.S./Israeli relations. We have taken the opportunity to use this subject as illustrative of Mr. Obama’s strong moral compass and his firm commitment to setting achievable goals and keeping his promises to realize them.

Recently, we published 2 SNAP-CAPs that cited warm testimonials from Alan Dershowitz and Ed Koch, two former Obama cynics who are now firm supporters of the President; both for his commitment to the security of Israel as well as his overall job performance.

Last week I had the privilege of attending a small gathering that featured Mr. Jack Lew, who is the President’s Chief-of-Staff. Mr. Lew has two incredible opportunities to know and evaluate Mr. Obama’s head and heart, as well as his results. In the first place, he is an orthodox Jew who has an abiding lifelong commitment to the State of Israel. What gives him a unique vantage point is that as Chief-of-Staff he gets to work with the President every day. Mr. Lew has immense respect for his boss and he is 100% convinced of Mr. Obama’s unshakable commitment to the security and wellbeing of Israel.

Today we received the following letter from Edgar Bronfman, former CEO of Seagams and former President of the World Jewish Congress. At the risk of over-concentrating on one issue, The Rational Majority will err on the side of overkill and present this for your consideration. Mr Bronfman is not only a highly respected Jewish leader, but he has important things to say about President Barack Obama:

NEW YORK (JTA) -- Throughout a half-century of international diplomatic work, I have learned to tell the politicians from the friends and the charlatans from the statesmen. Charlatans scream. They tell you what you want to hear and call other people names. Friends and leaders need not rely on rhetoric or boisterous bravado. They produce results and act on principle. President Obama is such a friend and leader. In his 3 1/2 years in office he has deepened and strengthened the relationship between the United States and Israel.

And today, Obama continues to implement a comprehensive pro-Israel agenda that has made Israel safer and more secure.

Under Obama, U.S. financial aid to Israel is at its highest levels ever. During the past four years, Israel has avoided becoming engaged in any substantial frontal military engagements, advanced its notable economic development and remains prepared for negotiating a comprehensive peace. Obama as president has led a mutually beneficial resurgence in the exchange of strategic technology, intelligence and cooperation between U.S. armed forces and the Israel Defense Forces.

Standing by Israel, Obama opposed the unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state and blocked its recognition at the United Nations.

Please share this with your contacts and let's move forward absolutely committed to the re-election of our President for this and at least 365 other reasons that you can follow daily on