Snap-O Fact #97

Post date: Feb 10, 2012 11:14:43 PM

Snap-O Fact #97

President Obama Is Working To Transform America’s Educational System!

In 2001, President Bush introduced, supported, and signed the No Child Left Behind Act. This law essentially revamped the American education system. Although ill-advised, there is no doubt that the intention of the legislation was well intended. President Bush strove to improve America's academic system, but the theory behind Act was faulted and it has created more damages than benefits. Under the No Child Left Behind Act administrators and teachers are held accountable for students’ performances. Although this sounds like it could be a good idea, the basic fault in the theory is that the law encourages and requires more testing of students, from elementary school through high schools, so instead of more creative and practical teaching methods, teachers are pressured teach for the test. 

 This one dimensional educational scheme promotes rote memory with no regard for real understanding of the thoughts and processes beneath a piece of information. As a result, critical thinking and independent research is stifled in the rush to prepare stud3nts for their mandated tests. 

After implementing and living with this system for years, educators, administrators, parents, students, and anyone else who was paying attention understood that No Child Left Behind was failing the educational needs of our children. As a result, after taking office, President Obama overturned the No Child Left Behind Act. This was replaced by President Obama's Race To The Top program which will be featured in a subsequent SNAP-CAP. To date it looks like the American education system is coming back on track. The Obama plan also provides better and more modern technology, assisting with more scholarships and financial aid, and offering a world-class education to all students.