Snap Fact #281 - President Obama is 4-Square for the Farm Bill; Florida’s JR Gaillot Stands Beside the President!

Post date: Aug 20, 2012 3:16:13 PM

Snap Fact #281

President Obama is 4-Square for the Farm Bill; Florida’s JR Gaillot Stands Beside the President!

Now that the President is opening up his irreversible lead in the polls (as predicted by the Rational Majority when almost everyone has been touting a close election) we are beginning a new SNAP-CAP series that will appear from time-to-time.

This is the first of a series of SNAP-CAPS that will highlight why the President needs a Progressive Democratic Congress as his partner to get the country back on track.

This mini-series will boil down national issues to exemplified by local campaigns that will add another dimension to understanding of how national concerns effect your community at a very local level. At the same time we will demonstrate how your electoral choices will reflect back to affect the entire country.

Today’s Snap Cap comes to us from the 3rd Congressional District of Florida which has been extremely hard hit by the recession and a spate of bad weather. The district spans much of North Central Florida from Clay County to the Gulf of Mexico. The incumbent is Republican Cliff Stearns, a 12 term representative who was ousted in his primary contest by Tea Party supported Ted Yoho. This development leaves a wide open race between the ultra-conservative Yoho and the Democratic nominee J.R. Gaillot.


During this, the hottest summer on record in the United States, there has been significant devastating losses for Florida’s farming community. Between drought and water damage many farmers have suffered horrific losses of crops and livestock which are causing traumatic economic effects to our farmers and those who depend on farming economy in our district. President Obama supports passage and implementation of H.R. 6233, The Agriculture Disaster Assistance Act of 2012 and so does J. R.

This is a critical bill which would provide economic aid to America’s farmers who have suffered above average losses of crops and livestock due to weather and other unforeseen conditions in 2012. This is a bill which J.R. Gaillot will fight for when he gets to Washington. It is a bill which would help Florida’s third district and farmers thought the country immeasurably.

Republican incumbent Cliff Stearns voted against the Farm Bill when it came up during the last Congress. Republican nominee Ted Yoho stated he would support a decrease of agriculture funding so he’s already telegraphed his vote if he is seated in the House. It is not only this Bill, J.R. Gaillot supports the President’s attempts to help America’s farmers and when he is elected to Congress on November 6, he will work tirelessly to help all of America’s farming community.

It is not only the Farm Bill that seperates these two candidates. Gaillot was gearing up to take on the long-time incumbent who recently inflamed the “war on women” with his investigation into Planned Parenthood that led to the Susan G. Komen controversy. Stearns also led other investigations, including one that involved Solyndra.

Since the Stearns lost his primary Gaillot will now take on political newcomer Yoho, an even more extreme Tea Party candidate who is committed to extending the so-called Bush tax cuts to all income levels – especially the mega-rich. He has also taken a clear stand on shrinking the size of government, reducing federal regulations, and repealing Obamacare with all its benefits for the middle class. Yoho also recently stated he would continue Stearns’ investigations into both Solyndra and Planned Parenthood.

Additionally Yoho supports what he calls a “Fair Tax” which is the spin name for “Unfair Sales Tax”. This conceptual neo-con nightmare would place a minimum of a 23% sales tax on everything purchased by Americans. This includes gasoline, houses, cars, food, credit card bills and medical care. It is patently apparent this radical change in the tax law will work against the poor and the middle and only benefit the very wealthy.

Gaillot will focus his campaign on bringing a new voice to Washington and one that understands the problems of ordinary people here in Florida. He will protect Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security so our seniors do not have to split their pills in half or wonder if their retirement check will disappear. He plans to make it easier to get access to small business and agricultural loans.

Gaillot’s campaign manager Michael Berg said that “the campaign is prepared to deliver another shocker in the general election”. J. R.’s campaign has been attracting increased support and funding. Berg said they are confident that “Yoho’s fringe, radical views, his lack of a campaign foundation, combined with the groundwork we have laid, puts us in a great position to win in November.” Yoho’s positions are outside of the mainstream and they will only hurt the working men and women of the 3rd district who are just now working hard to get back on their feet.

The farmers plight, as well as some of the other issues we’ve touched upon, are very real and very personal to the citizens of Florida District 3. We urge our readers to compare the reality of this district to your own. These issues are similar throughout the country. An informed voter is the best voter so learn about the facts and vote in your own self-interest and in the interest of your community and your country.

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“Cliff Stearns was out of touch and Ted Yoho is even worse,” said Gaillot. “We are prepared to make our case to voters and Yoho’s views are out of step with voters of our district. Yoho is against tax incentives to help businesses create jobs. Yoho is for privatizing Social Security and he supports a flat tax that will lead to a 23 percent sales tax on gas, groceries and everything we buy.”

J. R. Gaillot has owned a small business and he is not a career politician. Gaillot worked in Criminal Justice as a Counselor. He has worked for AT&T Broadband, Verizon Wireless and Citigroup. He understands the struggles small business people face in this tough economy.

Gaillotsaid “One of the reasons I entered this race is because the Republican Party no longer represent the voters of this district. They have turned their backs on the working men and women of this district in the pursuit of an extreme ideological agenda that only the fringe in this country support.

The district covers a great deal of farmland that has been devastated by this summer’s drought and subsequent floods. This SNAP-CAP will focus on this particular key issue of this canpaign that stands in equal concern among the other vital issues that will have a profound effect on the lives and fortunes of District 3’s constituents.

“The district is in a severe drought and the Republicans in Washington won’t even bring the President’s Farm Bill which will help farmers cope with the situation to the floor for a vote.” Democratic candidate Gaillot observed.

“J.R. is deeply concerned about the welfare of these folks,” said Michael Berg, Gaillot’s Campaign Manager, and he will fight for the Farm Bill as hard as the farmers in his district work to provide sustenance for their families and the rest of us.”


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