Snap Fact #342 Comparing Platforms:  New GI Bill for Veterans

Post date: Oct 16, 2012 7:52:58 PM

Snap Fact #342

Comparing Platforms:  New GI Bill for Veterans

President Obama’s Democratic Platform - Government Has Role to Assist Retuning Vets;

Mitt Romney’s Republican Platform - Private Industry will do it!

Platform Issue #24: new GI Bill for Veterans

This Snap Fact is part of a major multi-part series that will compare the Democratic and Republican Platforms. These documents are the philosophical foundations that tell us how the winning candidate will govern.

A lot of work went into this series researched by Allen Robbins.

Outside of The Rational Majority’s SNAP-CAP heading, every word in the body of each SNAP-CAP is taken verbatim from 100s of pages comprising the two party platforms. Read and compare these CAPS so you will know which candidate is on YOUR side.

Democrat: “As Commander-in-Chief, President Obama has proven willing to use military force when necessary, though he also knows how important it is for force to be used as a last resort. He is a strong and responsible leader who has kept his promises to end our wars overseas while maintaining America’s commitment to those of us who served. The President signed tax credits into law for businesses that hire veterans and wounded warriors. He supported the Post-9/11 GI Bill, which helps 800,000 veterans and their families pursue their education. I would like to thank the President for supporting our military and our veterans every day.” – Lieutenant Junior Grade Leo Cruz, United States Navy, Iraq War veteran

Republican: Their historic and continuing role as citizen-soldiers is a proud tradition linking every community across America to the cause of freedom. We affirm service members’ legal right to return to their civilian jobs, whether in government or the private sector, and we urge greater transition assistance to and from employers as they return to the civilian world. Especially in light of the high unemployment rates faced by younger Reserve and Guard members, we salute those employers who have wisely decided that it is a smart and patriotic business decision to hire those who have served above and beyond the call of duty.

We urge the private sector to make hiring vets a company policy and commend the many organizations that have specific programs to accomplish this. But the federal government must take the lead by simplifying the paper work required for a tax break for hiring a veteran and by giving vets their assured place at the head of the training and employment line.