Snap Fact #115

Post date: Feb 28, 2012 8:23:47 PM

Snap Fact #115

President Obama Has Forged A Chain Of Action To Bring The Economy Back!

In 2009, the President made an early attempt to understand the various perspectives regarding the high unemployment rate he inherited upon assuming office, and to get insights into how to break the downward spiral. President Obama sent out an invitation to bring 135 field tested experts from a variety of backgrounds, including business leaders, union chiefs, academics, mayors, and representatives of non-profit groups. Everyone invited had viable credentials as a leader in their field. In total they represented a cadre of individuals from different perspectives who came together to brainstorm and develop ideas for creating jobs in order to reactivate the United States economy. 

Some of the participants included CEO Eric Schmidt of Google and CEO Robert Iger of Walt Disney Co. At that time, the unemployment rate in the country was over 10 percent, which made the $787 billion stimulus package more critical than ever to be an engine that would create jobs and increase the economy. The committee was focused on different areas to create jobs such as green jobs, small business jobs, infrastructure, public jobs by the government, and private sector jobs by big companies, etc.

The event was available to anyone who wanted to view it live on the White House Internet. The President keynoted the meeting saying that he would "no longer take a wait and see approach" regarding job creation. As time goes by it has become apparent that the President now understands that the roadblocks and landmines set up in his path need to be more forcefully overcome. 

At the time the President took lots of incoming flack from critics who called the event anything from a worthless publicity stunt to another meeting that wouldn't solve anything. Undaunted, the President listened to the ideas put forward many of which helped guide his thinking about the most effective way to deal with the economic problems that had been laid in his lap when he took office less than a year before. This was only one link in a chain of opportunities the President has created to listen and learn from people on the front lines of the situation. Using input and ideas from these advisors President Obama’s policies have stopped the bleeding and restored some degree of economic comeback. Today, the economic outlook seems brighter as hope and confidence are building back up in the American people. One can only imagine the magnitude of the results had the President had some cooperation from the opposing political forces that have attempted to block his every move since his inauguration!