Snap Fact #308 - Why People Love ObamaCare (Another SNAP-FACTUAL Pocket-Card Special)!

Post date: Sep 17, 2012 5:51:44 PM

Snap Fact #308

Why People Love ObamaCare!

 (Another SNAP-FACTUAL Pocket-Card Special)

Here are some of the reasons to love ObamaCare.


1.      Preexisting conditions

·        All children 18 and under get coverage.

·        This will extend to adults in 2014

2.      Insurance companies cannot drop you when you get sick.

3.      Young adults can stay on their parents' insurance plan until age 26.

4.      Discrimination based on gender is prohibited.

5.      Preventative care and screening are free for;

·        annual checkups

·        mammograms and pap smears

6.      Small business owners get a tax credit to provide coverage.

7.      If your job does not provide health insurance;

·        you select a plan at an ACA insurance exchange

·        your costs can be subsidized if you can’t afford the premium.

8.      Medicaid eligibility is expanded

9.      Funding for community health clinics is expanded.

10.   Seniors will receive better Medicare coverage.

·        No copayments for preventive care

·        The prescription "donut hole" is cut in half, totally closed by 2020

11.   Insurance companies must spend 80-85% of premiums on health care.

·        Not CEO bonuses or other "administrative" costs.

·        Insurance Companies must rebate difference to policyholders.

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11 Top Reasons to Love OBAMACAREObamaCare (the Affordable Care Act, or ACA for short), helps all Americans. Millions of Americans—from the women who can now access free checkups to the seniors saving on their prescriptions to the 105 million people that have seen lifetime limits on their insurance coverage lifted—can continue to enjoy these important benefits. Once the President is re-elected, with the partnership of a Democratic Congress, he will move forward on refining and improving the American Health Care System in ways that continue to benefit the American people even more. We will see improvements such as the creation of new state insurance exchanges, more in-control rate changes, and initiatives that make decent health care affordable for ALL Americans.