Snap Fact #325 - Patrick Murphy, CPA - Vs. - Allen West. Who is the Asset? – Who is the Liability? Who is on Your Side of the Ledger?

Post date: Oct 04, 2012 6:42:55 PM

Snap Fact #325

Patrick Murphy, CPA - Vs. - Allen West. Who is the Asset? – Who is the Liability? Who is on Your Side of the Ledger?

Patrick Murphy understands the need to invest in a clean-energy economy and provide tax credits to spark manufacturing of windmills, solar panels, electric cars, and other technologies here at home.

Allen West’s plan is to oppose “Make it in America” legislation in Congress that aims to promote American manufacturing.  As far as energy policy goes, West adheres to the ‘drill, baby, drill’ philosophy which puts the Treasure Coast and Palm Beach economies at risk since they heavily rely on tourism and hospitality. Florida’s 18th District would be devastated by an oil spill. Asset/Liability - which candidate is on your side of the ledger?

Patrick Murphy’s plan would put Americans to work rebuilding our roads, bridges, railways, and ports – which is critical to our ability to compete on a global level with rising global economic powers.

Allen West’s plan is to continually vote to make devastating cuts to federal programs and spending, including investments to our own nation’s infrastructure. West’s policy hurts both the country’s physical renewal as well as job creation. Asset/Liability - which candidate is on your side of the ledger?

While jobs and the economy are a major focus of Patrick Murphy’s campaign, he also is committed to people-friendly policies in the domain of social issues. This begins with upholding our promise to seniors by protecting and preserving Social Security and Medicare, two programs that would be devastated by the Ryan Budget which Allen West, by his own words and actions is in lock step with; after all, he voted for the Ryan Plan twice. Asset/Liability - which candidate is on your side of the ledger?

Also, on the social side of the ledger, Patrick Murphy is equally dedicated to a range of positive policies oriented to improving the lives of his constituents. These include supporting and improving our nation’s education system; protecting all Americans from discrimination; creating a fair path to citizenship while securing our borders; protecting women’s rights; ensuring all Americans have access to affordable and quality healthcare; protecting our environment while working towards energy independence; addressing our nation’s debt in a fair and responsible manner; and ensuring the security of Israel and her interests.

Learn more about Allen West’s plan and how he stands 4-square in opposition to Patrick Murphy’s constructive plan and against the interests of the constituents of his new district. Once you know how the candidates plan to govern you can responsibly answer the question - Asset/Liability - which candidate is on your side of the ledger?

We encourage our readers to learn about where each candidate stands on these issues by visiting both of their websites at and

to see it in their own words.

Your vote counts. No matter whom you vote for we encourage you to take advantage of early or absentee voting. Keep in mind that your vote affects yourself, your family, your community, and the entire nation. Whatever your choice, fulfill your citizens’ right and responsibility – VOTE!

An informed voter is a responsible voter. Also visit web site and sign up for our daily SNAP-CAPs for information on the campaign. The Rational Majority does not solicit or accept donations. Our mission is to “SNAP open your mind, not your pocketbook”.

Florida’s 18th District is the scene of one of America’s most hotly contested and politically important Congressional races this year. The district includes all of Martin and St. Lucie counties and much of northern Palm Beach County.  In 2008, President Obama narrowly bested Senator McCain, receiving 51.5 percent of the vote in the area.This year, voters in the 18th have a clear-cut choice between a far right-wing apologist darling of the Tea Party, and a reasonable moderate young man with the fiscal and business experience -, and a plan - to get the district and the country moving again.

           Patrick Murphy                                      Allen West

Patrick Murphy is running to bring bipartisanship and civility back to Washington, understanding that Congress must work together to solve the problems facing our nation. Patrick is running in Florida’s newly drawn 18th Congressional District against incumbent Congressman Allen West who’s “my way or the highway” rhetoric has earned him an infamous national reputation. 

Murphy and West are literally worlds apart on almost every issue.  The range of issues includes vital social and economic concerns that will deeply affect the lives of the district’s constituents for many years to come.

This SNAP-CAP will reflect the candidates’ positions on jobs and the economy, which is the most pressing issue on the minds of voters in the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches as well as most citizens throughout the United States. 

Both of the candidates’ stances on this vital issue are crystal clear. Patrick Murphy is committed to expanding the economy from the middle out - and creating job growth.  As a CPA and small businessman, Patrick understands firsthand the negative impact that regulations and our tax policy have had on jobs and the economy. His balanced plan is to address the need to remove unreasonable bureaucratic barriers to business growth, while keeping in place the sensible regulations that protect consumers.

Patrick’s plan also addresses a tax system that needs fixing. His hands-on experience as a CPA gives him a knowledge base that his adversary is clearly lacking. Patrick’s plan promotes job creation by ending the tax loopholes that have allowed corporations to hide substantial profits overseas to avoid taxes. Patrick’s plan will invest many of those repatriated dollars into the support of small businesses that create jobs here in America.

While Patrick’s plan is geared to help the common citizen, Allen West has continually supported legislation, including voting for the Ryan Budget twice, that specifically protects and expands tax loopholes for the corporate giants and shields the companies that outsource jobs. Asset/Liability - which candidate is on your side of the ledger?

Patrick Murphy supports providing tax cuts to small businesses and expanding lending so businesses of all sizes can create new jobs.  As a small businessman himself, Patrick is the one candidate in this race who has actually created jobs.