Snap Fact #267 - President Obama Leads the Democratic Party into an Historic Step for Justice For All!

Post date: Aug 06, 2012 12:0:3 AM

Snap Fact #267

President Obama Leads the Democratic Party into an Historic Step for Justice For All!

In the spirit of Harry Truman, President Barack Obama has led the way to create a new ethical tone to our national conversation. Whether your moral compass is sourced by the American Constitution, a Holy Book, or just plain common decency; they all share the bedrock principle that everyone is entitled to equal treatment. 

The president’s opinion has recently evolved from tepid support of equal rights for gays to flat out support for today’s most controversial civil rights issue, gay marriage. While folks like Pat Robertson predictably decries the move, calling it “a death wish” for the Democratic Party, the Chief Executive has opened the door for a sea change in the national conversation. This bold move comes with political consequences but, like his model, Harry Truman, President Obama did the right thing and now his courage is beginning to pay tangible dividends. 

Given that “Justice For All” is a laudable goal, the Democratic National Convention’s Platform Drafting Committee has done itself proud by following in the wake of the President’s courageous leadership. On August 1, 2012 the Committee unanimously embraced marriage equality as a plank in the party platform for the 2012 convention.

In a recent press release, Congressman Barney Frank stated, “The next step will be for the full platform committee to vote on it, after which it will be presented to the delegates at the Convention in Charlotte for a final vote. Make no mistake: This is a historic step toward fairness for all. Once again, Democrats are fighting to move this country forward.”

Congressman Frank continued, “President Obama became the first sitting president to support marriage equality, Democrats stood shoulder to shoulder with him. I still remember that day. I couldn't stop smiling.”

Although this is the only one more forward step on a long road, the President has stood up for our Constitution and for human decency and his party is following.