Snap Fact #354 - FACT: President Obama Supports Workers’ Rights. PUNCH BACK: The Republicans Want to Push Workers Rights Back 100 years

Post date: Oct 26, 2012 2:2:10 PM

Snap Fact #354

FACT: President Obama Supports Workers’ Rights.


The Republicans Want to Push Workers Rights Back 100 years.

The Republican platform continues, “We salute the Republican Governors and State Legislators who have saved their States from fiscal disaster by reforming their laws governing public employee unions.” They go on to urge others to follow this lead, finishing their policy statement thusly, “A Republican President will protect the rights of conscience of public employees by proposing legislation to bar mandatory dues for political purposes.

Source: Republican Platform 2012 page 8

Translated, the platform proposes to suffocate unions to death. This will create a low pay labor force and set this country back a century of hard fought gains for workers. This is class warfare in its most obvious manifestation. The oligarchy that is trying to buy this election wants to do away with unions and, ultimately, with the rights of workers to bargain for fair pay. It is not enough that these incredibly greedy horse thieves have prospered almost incalculably in the last decade, while the middle class has seen their standard of living fall, they want to syphon off more and more from their fellow Americans and their actions prove it.

One can’t say that the platform is theoretical. This shift of wealth and power is happening across the country wherever Republicans have gained control of both the legislature and the governorship. Police, fire-fighters and school teachers are being fired in wholesale, leaving communities with less protection while their children attend oversize and understaffed classes.  

November 6th is our final firewall. If citizens don’t turn out to vote for the President and a Democratic Congress on that day we will be living in a country ruled by people who have nothing in their thoughts for you, they will continue to feed on the carcass of our great nation until our great experiment in democracy is nothing but bleached bones lying white under a charcoal gray sky darkened by the smog of the Koch brothers dirty coal.

President Obama is four square behind union rights, behinds woman’s rights to equal treatment on the job, and mostly, to creating the 12 million good new jobs that are forecast to be created if we stay the course with this President.

The Republican Party and their allies are moving to diminish workers’ rights, destroy labor unions, and keep women in the work force down. They are not hiding their intentions as they have brazenly have moved this agenda forward everywhere and every way they can.The confluence between the Republican candidate, his platform, and the deeds done in the states where the Republicans have full political control, such as Wisconsin, Florida, Michigan, Arizona,, etc. makes anyone who understands the importance of a strong middle class shudder.

The Republican Platform itself says “Ultimately, we support the enactment of a National Right-to-Work law to promote worker freedom and to promote economic liberty. We will aggressively enforce the recent decision by the Supreme Court barring the use of union dues for political purposes without consent of the worker.”

Source: Republican Platform 2012 page 8

This is the same Supreme Court that ruled that “corporations are people” without any constraint on them in pouring money into political campaigns.. What hypocrisy! A corporate head can make a decision to spend millions from his treasury to support a particular candidate without the consent of the companies, employees or shareholders, while a union is constrained by the same court.

Before casting your vote for Mitt Romney, think of what more a Romney Supreme Court will do to erode the rights of workers while tilting the playing field toward the corporations. This is only the beginning of the nightmare that American workers will face.

Source: Opinion of The Rational Majority