Snap-O Fact #20

Post date: Dec 17, 2011 12:15:21 PM

Snap-O Fact #20

The Obama Administration is meeting our 10 year Foreign Aid Commitment to Israel

"Obama Administration is Meeting 10 year Foreign Aid Commitment to Israel, while his GOP challengers would freeze Israeli Foreign Aid at Zero.” Such a statement shows Obama's continued support of Israel, while at the same time, demonstrates that his GOP opponents would "throw Israel under the bus."

Under Perry's and Romney's plan, Israel would have to justify its need to the US each year to qualify fornforeign aid. Gingrich also agreed with the "start at zero" idea without explicity mentioning Israel. At the October 18, 2011 GOP debate Ron Paul stated that all foreign aid should be cut off. When asked if such cuts would also apply to Israel, Paul said, “I would cut all foreign aid. I would treat everybody equally.”  He said: “That foreign aid makes Israel dependent on us…They should have their sovereignty back,” Paul reasoned. (Ron Pauls's statements about cutting off foreign aid to Israel are long known as are the statements of his son, newly elected Tea Party Senator Rand Paul (R- Kentucky).



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The US currently has a 10 year foreign aid commitment to Israel, started under the Bush Administration, and continued in the Obama Administration.

GOP Debate Roundup: Perry’s, Romney’s Israel Aid “Starts at Zero” -

(NJDC is the National Jewish Democratic Council.)

Texas Governor Rick Perry and field-leading former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney—agreed that foreign aid should “start at zero” for all countries, including Israel. In saying this, these candidates ignore the current 10-year aid agreement between the U.S. and Israel. Site provide a chronology of Obama support for Israel.

Ball, Molly. "What We Learned at the Foreign Policy Debate," The Atlantic Magazine, November 13, 2011.