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Sullivan, Andrew. "How Obama's Long Game Will Outsmart His Critics ("Why are Obama's Critics so Dumb?)

 Newsweek, 16 January 2012. Web. 23 January 2012: 30-35. Print.

Poll: "Americans Don't Know Taxes Fell"

Likely voters in the midterm elections believe taxes have gone up, the economy has shrunk, and money lent to banks won't be recovered

(Bloomberg)—The Obama administration cut taxes for middle-class Americans, expects to make a profit on the hundreds of billions of dollars spent to rescue Wall Street banks and has overseen an economy that has grown for the past four quarters.

Most voters don't believe it.

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"Doing the Math on Obama’s Detroit Bailout"

…. Obama said, they would have fallen into liquidation and 1.1 million jobs would have evaporated. In the past year, the auto industry has regained 55,000 of the 334,000 jobs lost, he went on. “The fact that we’re standing in this magnificent factory today is a testament to the decisions we made,”

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“How Rick Perry Aggressively Pursued Federal Aid He Now Decries"” Time Magazine,” August 17, 2011, Scherer, Michael.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has always claimed he has balanced his budget during his Administration. However, even budget deficits are bigger in Texas, and lobbyists under Perry’s direction have actively sought out Federal Funds throughout since 2003. For example, For the 2003 Medicare prescription drug bill, for instance, Texas lobbyists successfully pushed to include an additional $47.5 million a year for four years, to help reimburse Texas for the cost of health care for undocumented immigrants. In 2005, the lobbyists fought to restore $200 million in funding to Texas for No Child Left Behind that had been cut by the Senate.

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“Texas's love/hate relationship with Washington's money,”  January 24, 2011, Luhby Tami, When Texas was facing a $6.6 billion shortfall for its 2010-2011 fiscal years to balance his state’s budget, Governor Perry accepted $6.4 billion in Recovery Act money to cover (plug) 97% of Texas’ shortfall for fiscal 2010-2011 allowing it to leave its $9.1 billion rainy day fund untouched.

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"A Pack Of Nonsense"

  Will GOP 212ers get serious?

John Podhoretz, "A Pack of Nonsense: Will GOP 2012ers Get Serious," NY Post, October 25, 2011.

"Memo to the Republican field: You’re running for president. Of the United States. Of America. Start acting like it.

Stop proposing nonsense tax plans that won’t work. Stop making ridiculous attention-getting ads that might be minimally acceptable if you were running for county supervisor in Oklahoma. Stop saying you’re going to build a US-Mexico border fence you know perfectly well you’re not going to build." For the complete article, click on the link below.

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