Fact #24

President Obama's Libyan policy instituted a new and successful war strategy.

Citizens of Libya have lived under Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar Gaddafi’s dictatorship for a long

time with no freedom and human rights. Guided by a unique Obama created strategy, Libyan Rebel

troops, along with the support of NATO fought a successful military campaign that forced Gaddafi from power. President Obama deserves credit for his brilliant policy regarding this new way to pursue a war.

Although President Obama had constant criticism from both the left and the right, his astute leadership produced a successful result with not a drop of American blood spilled and at a miniscule cost for such an operation. “What was good about President Obama’s cautious, back-seat approach to Libya was that it denied Gaddafi the final, apocalyptic confrontation with the United States that he craved,”

according to the Washington Post. “Obama took a lot of shots along the way to Thursday’s symbolic end of the Libya campaign. But it seems fair to say that his vision of opposing Gaddafi through a broad, international coalition — in which other nations shared the burden, for a change — worked out pretty well.” Without the United States and President Obama, Libyans would have not have achieved the

liberation and the potential to forge their own future that they have today.