Snap Fact #366 - If You Are Reading This We Know You Will Go to the Polls as an Educated Voter

Post date: Nov 06, 2012 2:24:36 PM

Snap Fact #366

If You Are Reading This We Know You Will Go to the Polls as an Educated Voter

Congratulations to those of you who have followed The Rational Majority this last year. We trust that we have fulfilled our mission of informing you with the facts and that we have been a beacon of truth to light up the dark path of lies and misinformation that have covered the path to this election.When we started out we did so with a specific plan. That plan has been faithfully executed over the past year.The Rational Majority has been a one year long team effort of dedicated volunteers. Besides being an accurate information resource, we have created a model to do our work totally cash free. We have done our work with a strict zero budget. Unlike most campaigns of this type, we have neither solicited nor accepted one dollar, nor have we spent any money. Everyone has worked without any financial compensation, not even expense accounts. Our fantastic team has worked every day for one year to produce 366 SNAP-FACTS, one-a-day like a vitamin pill for your mind. Acknowledgements & Thanks:As we close out our one year mission of The Rational Majority we want to give our thanks to the incredible team who has worked so hard and succeeded in meeting our commitment to post 366 SNAP-FACTS during the (leap) year running up to the 2012 election.

Thanks to our The Rational Majority Team who accomplished this feat of love and commitment volunteering their valuable time and incredible talents.

RESEARCH TEAM: Arnold Mollot, Miriam Klepper, Mimi Trinh, Rabbi Mark Weiner, Allen Robbins, Stephany Rosendorf, Phil Adler, Beverly Bandler

COMPUTER TEAM: Sue Etter, Jeff Etter

OUTREACH TEAM: Jayne Chapman, Dan Issacson

PRODUCTION TEAM: Dan Tilson, Lee Gladstone

INSPIRATION TEAM: Professor Robert Watson

OTHERS: Suzy Pearlman, Judy West, Mark Alan Siegel, Nancy & Mark Gilbert, Harriet Sol, Alan Grayson, Joan Friedenberg & Mark Schneider (Pink Slip), Gustavo & Brianna Pavone

Thanks to those of you who have passed along our SNAP-CAPS to you friends and associates, and everyone who has read and used The Rational SNAP-FACTS to inform themselves and others.

Thanks to our spouses who have allowed and supported the efforts we have made to Get Out The Truth this year. My special thanks to my wife Judy who will see me without a keyboard in my hands today for the first time in a year.

Special personal thanks to Jeff and Sue Etter and Arnold Mollot who have been there every day, every step of the way.

Our job is done, now it is in the hands of the electorate. We trust that they are too smart to be hoodwinked.


Steve West and Jeff Etter


The Rational Majority

Special Note - The Snap Fact above was primarily written by Steve West, who humbly left himself out of the acknowledgements above.  On behalf of our entire Rational Majority team we would personally like to thank Steve for his dedication to this project throughout the course of this last year.  Steve has been the driving force that has made this project work since we first envisioned it back in September of 2011.  So Steve, take a bow!  Thank you for your dedication to be one of those rare people who actually do make a difference.

Jeff and Sue Etter