Snap-O Fact #98

Post date: Feb 11, 2012 10:23:28 PM

Snap-O Fact #98

President Obama Supports Women’s Health Care Against A Cacophony Of Opposition! 

Sometimes it seems that Presedent Obama is the only adult in the building. Perhaps more than any other, the abortion issue ignites extreme passion from partisans on both sides. The President understands that there are two very valid positions and that neither has a singular lock on the Truth. Rather than join the screaming chorus of fanatics and demagogs, the President has consistently stood against the noise and proposed sensible consideration by the parties, especially the women who must face this unhappy choice. 

In his Presidential campaign of 2008, President Obama promised that he would support women’s access to health care including contraception and abortion rights.   The President has been steadfast in keeping his promise. Specifically, the President has given speeches and sent bills to Congress to ensure women the right to an abortion. 

It must be realized that abortion rights are the law of the land. The Supreme Court made this so in the controversial Roe Vs. Wade decision. No matter what his personal opinion, the President has taken the oath of office which demands him to "uphold and defend" the law. 

The President has made it very clear that he does not encourage women to choose the extreme measure of abortion. Instead, he encourages women to think about their options carefully before they make this crucial decision. Certainly the President considers both sides of this issue and understands that many problems including poverty, lack of education, starvation, incest, and rape need to be factored into the equation for the individual and family members involved. 

It should be noted that President Obama has appointed some pro-abortion politicians to offices in the executive branch. As he does with every issue, the President seeks counsel and advise from all prospectives so he can make informed policy decisions after hearing from both sides.