Snap Fact #133

Post date: Mar 17, 2012 4:50:58 PM

Snap Fact #133

The Tribal Law and Order Act Again Shows The Obama Administrations Commitment To Protect All Citizens!

On July 29, 2010, the Tribal Law and Order Act was passed by Congress and signed into law by President Obama in order to provide assistance to Native American women. According to a report from Department of Justice, Native American women face violent crime at a rate of 3.5 times greater than the average; similarly, one in three Native American women tend to be raped at least once in their lifetimes. 

In order to tighten the law in tribes, the act provided support to train tribal enforcement officers in order to prevent, eliminate, and prosecute any sexual assault. The legislation also focuses on preventing crimes from happening by creating programs for Indian youth at risks. “With the passage of the Tribal Law and Order Act, we are witnessing tangible progress toward a healthier, brighter future for Native Americans. I want to reaffirm the Justice Department's commitment – and my own commitment – to building and sustaining healthy and safe tribal communities; to renewing our nation's enduring promise to American Indians and Alaska Natives; to respecting the sovereignty and self-determination of tribal governments; and to ensuring that the progress we have achieved in recent years is not derailed,” said Attorney General Eric Holder..

By August 2011 the Justice Department had developed a 48 page plan to implement and support this badly needed program.