Snap Fact #352 - OFF WITH THE GLOVES! TRM follows the lead of President Obama as We Go From Push-back to Punch-back

Post date: Oct 24, 2012 1:26:4 PM

Snap Fact #352

OFF WITH THE GLOVES! TRM follows the lead of President Obama as We Go From Push-back to Punch-back.

We are sad to say, but one conclusion that we have reached is that the similarities between current American right-wing thinking is chillingly similar to like-minded extremists throughout history and throughout our modern world. This phenomena needs to be recognized, identified, and called out. We need to knock them cold before they dupe enough of us to allow them to take over and destroy all the gains of the last century.

This will be our final series of SNAP-CAPS. It is designed to bring the opposition into sharp focus so informed voters will not allow them to shred the Constitution and the very principles that our great country is based on.

We will do this by climbing inside the right wing mind that is filled with paranoia and conspiracy theories salted with simplistic solutions to complex problems that will take our country in the wrong direction. One doesn't have to live in Afghanistan, or Torquemada's Spain, or Nazi Germany to have what we'll call "The Taliban Mentality". Sadly, some of our own countrymen have the same psychological makeup that has caused so much grief in the world for time immoral. If we allow the Ayn Randists to take over this November - it can happen here.

Therefore we will break our self-imposed chains of political correctness and examine some of the underlying principles and beliefs, and actions that likens the extreme right to other extreme movements that have ascended and ultimately failed every time – but only after causing misery and devastation while they clung to power.

This final round is not for the weak of heart. If this sounds extreme or scary, it's meant to sound that way. We can no longer stand mute and let Governor Romney and his cronies steal this election and ruin America.

Watch for our hard hitting series – TAKING OFF THE GLOVES! – starting tomorrow.

The Rational Majority has spent the past 353 days committed to our principle of being fact based, reasonably objective, civil, and respectful – even in times of severe disagreement with some of the tactics and lies of the right wing. We know that our fight has been effective. We’ve jabbed away at the opponent and while we’ve bloodied his nose, the judges have their scorecards even going into the 15th round. We’re ready to deliver the knockout punch to assure victory. If it’s a fight you want, it’s a fight you’ll get. Beginning today we’ll be throwing uppercuts and haymakers. In our final 12 days we are going to go toe-to-toe with the liars, flip-floppers, vote suppressors, cheaters, and hypocrites. We’re going to take the measure of the political terrorists, the oligarchists, the greed merchants, and the bat-crap wing nuts who are trying to take over and destroy our great nation.

We are taking this hard-hitting turn of mind based upon observations made over the past year. While writing and editing over 350 SNAP-FACTS we have seen some unmistakable patterns that are frankly frightening. Our great President has been falsely maligned while his opposition rewrites history, distorts reality, and outright lies about their own policies as well as his. Therefore, it would be unthinkable not to come out of our corner swinging in this championship round, and start to PUNCH BACK rather than politely push back as we have been doing. Rest assured, we will not stoop to their level, out attacks will still be based on the facts, not made up fiction.

This election is too close and too important for us to stay polite. We could not be more disgusted with the untrue scare tactics the right has persistently chosen to frighten voters into believing what is not only fundamentally untrue, but what is against the very self-interest of those same voters who plan to vote for Romney/Ryan. We need to fight the greed, the selfishness, and the complacency that they are exploiting.

Source: Opinion of The Rational Majority