Fact #18

The Obama Administration has Strengthenedour Border Security “Obama deployed 1,200 new National Guard troops at the border last year, along with 1,500 border patrol agents, customs inspectors, and law enforcement officials, signing a $600 million border security bill that received strong support from congressional Republicans,” according to The Washington Post. President Obama has signed a $600 million bill to improve America’s boarder security. Interestingly, the bill has gained support from both Democrats and some Republicans in Congress since it is created for the general good of America. Although the bill does not mention anything about the illegal immigrants already staying in the United States, it gives the Department of Homeland Security more funding and assistance to protect our border, especially the one with Mexico.

The main purpose of the bill is to improve our border defense system; it does not encourage illegal immigration like some people have mistaken.






Politifact.com - Gov. Rick Perry say the federal government "has not engaged" in border security