Snap Fact #165

Post date: Apr 18, 2012 2:21:4 PM

Snap Fact #165

President Obama Is A Steadfast Champion Of Women's Choice And Health Reform Issues!

Our series on President Obama's "War FOR Women's Rights" continues today. What better source is there than to revisit the President's own words regarding the issues of Choice and Health Reform.

"A women’s ability to decide how many children to have and when, without interference from the government, is one of the most fundamental rights we possess. It is not just an issue of choice but equality for all women!"

"Because of the heath reform law that we passed, women have more power to make their choices about their health care. Last year, more than 20 million women received expanded access to preventative services like mammograms and cervical cancer screening at no additional cost. Nearly 2 million women enrolled in Medicare received a 50 percent discount on the medicine that they need. Over 1 million more young women are insured because they can now stay on their parent’s plan. And later this year women will receive new access to recommended preventative care like domestic violence screening and contraception at no additional cost. And soon insurance companies will no longer be able to deny on coverage based on preexisting conditions like breast cancer, or charge women more jut because they are women."

"So when it comes to the efforts on behalf of women and girls, I’m proud of the accomplishments that we can point to. Yes, we have a lot more to do. But there’s no doubt that we have made progress. The policies that we have put into place over the past three years have started to take hold. And what we cannot do now is go back to the policies that have gotten us into so many of the problems that we have been dealing with in the first place. When people talk about repealing the health care reform, they’re not just saying we should stop protecting women with preexisting conditions; they are also saying that we should kick about 1 million women off their parents health care plans."

 "When people say we should get rid of Planned Parenthood, they’re not just talking about restricting a women’s ability to make her own health decision; they are talking about denying, as a practical matter, the preventative care, like mammograms, that millions of women rely on. When folks talk about doing away like student aid that disproportionately helps young women, they’re not thinking about the costs to our future, when millions of young Americans will have trouble going to college. And when something like the Violence Against Women Act –a bill Joe Biden authorized, a bill that once passed with wide bipartisan margins-is suddenly called to question, that makes no sense. Is that something that we should still be arguing about?"

"Now, I do not have to tell anybody that progress is hard. Change can come slowly. Opportunity and quality don’t come without a fight. And sometimes you’ve got to keep on fighting even after you have won some victories. Things don’t always move forward. Sometimes they move backward if you are it fighting for them. I co-sponsored the Prevention First Act of 2007, which would increase funding for Family Planning and comprehensive sex education that teaches both abstinence and safe sex methods. It also would end insurance discrimination against contraception, improve awareness about emergency contraception and provide compassionate assistance to rape victims."

These few quotes from the President's own lips are a mere whisper from the thunderous shout of words and deeds that Barack Obama can boast as his actual record. It is not enough to simply compare President Obama's platform to the dismal and sad record of today's Republican Party. While the latter has instituted vaginal probes and vows to eliminate Planned Parenthood and preventive women's health care, President Obama is a steadfast supporter of women's rights. Ladies, if you are looking for your knight in shining armor, you'll find him fighting for your rights every day at his desk in the oval office.