Snap Fact #345 Comparing Platforms:  Environmental Protection Agency

Post date: Oct 18, 2012 1:28:46 PM

Snap Fact #345

Comparing Platforms:  Environmental Protection Agency

President Obama’s Democratic Platform Balances Environment & Development;

Mitt Romney’s Republican Platform Does Not Address the Environment!

Platform Issue #27: Keep the Environmental protection Agency funded

Republican: (The researcher found NO information to provide adequate Federal funding for the EPA)


This Snap Fact is part of a major multi-part series that will compare the Democratic and Republican Platforms. These documents are the philosophical foundations that tell us how the winning candidate will govern.A lot of work went into this series researched by Allen Robbins. Outside of The Rational Majority’s SNAP-CAP heading, every word in the body of each SNAP-CAP is taken verbatim from 100s of pages comprising the two party platforms. Read and compare these CAPS so you will know which candidate is on YOUR side.

Democrat: Democrats are committed to balancing environmental protection with development, and that means preserving sensitive public lands from exploration, like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Pacific West Coast, Gulf of Maine, and other irreplaceable national landscapes.