Fact #32

President Obama Increased Investment In Technologies For Schools and Education.During his Presidential campaign in 2008, President Obama promised an increase in technology investment for schools to ensure that each student will have an opportunity to achieve and learn from such a world-class experience. PROMISE KEPTThe Obama-Biden Program focuses on improving educational technology in seven main areas: 1) Insuring the exchange of ideas through and encouraging diversity in the Internet. 2) Developing a democratic system. 3) Improving and upgrading the modern communication structure. 4) Raising American competitiveness. 5) Preparing students for global competition. 6) Training adults for the international trade and world economy. 7) Using the advanced technology to solve American problems such as health care, public safety, energy saving, stem cell research, and biomedical research.

Recently, President Obama visited TechBoston Academy in Dorchester Mass. This is a small school with 800 students in grades 6-12. The President’s visit was geared to highlight and encourage the use and improvement of modern technology in education.