Snap Fact #311 - Obama Administration-Japan Agree on New Missile System!

Post date: Sep 20, 2012 7:26:9 PM

Snap Fact #311

Obama Administration and Japan Agree on New Missile System!

We are living in a very complex world. The President of the United States has to have his attention focused in so many directions all at the same time. It takes an exceptional person to have that capacity. Fortunately for every citizen of this country, even those who somehow believe that Mitt Romney is intellectually capable of doing a job he proves every day that he is unqualified to do, we have a man at the helm who has the uncanny ability to cover the country and the globe with solid, well thought out programs to help solve our many problems. 

The U.S. already has similar early warning radar systems on ships in the Asia-Pacific.

This new installation will allow these ships carrying defensive missiles to spread out and cover other parts of the region. Japan has worked closely with the U.S. for several years on missile defense, and has both land- and sea-based missile launchers. 

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said the new system would also be effective in protecting the U.S. homeland from the North Korea threat at the same time. North Korea can now reach parts of the U.S. with their newest rockets. Panetta spoke during a press conference in Tokyo with the Japanese defense minister. 

North Korea's ballistic missiles are considered a threat to security in the Asia-Pacific region because of the risk of conflict erupting on the divided and heavily militarized Korean peninsula, and because of the secretive North's nuclear weapons program.

Officials stressed that the radar system is aimed at protecting the region against the threat from North Korea missiles and is not directed at China, but the decision is sure to raise the ire of Beijing.

In the midst of so many distractions, important and irrelevant - the presidential campaign, turmoil in the mid-east, congressional intransigence - President Obama is able to amaze us like a circus performer that keeps all the plates spinning and letting none fall. 

In response to the North Korean atomic weapon and delivery threat, the US and Japan have agreed to set up a second missile defense system on Japanese soil in an effort to counter the ballistic missile development from North Korea.


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