Fact #34

President Obama believes that no veteran should have to fight for a job at home after they fight for our nation overseas.The American Jobs Act includes two tax credits that would benefit firms that hire unemployed veterans and veterans with service-connected disabilities. But our unemployed veterans can’t wait for Congress to act, so the Obama Administration has created the following resources to help veterans translate their military skills for the civilian workforce and provide veterans with new tools to aid their search for jobs: They include the The "Veterans Job Bank" connects unemployed veterans to job openings with companies that want to hire them. "My Next Move for Veterans" is an easy-to-use online tool created by the Department of Labor that allows veterans to enter information about their experience and skills in the field, and match it with civilian careers that put that experience to use. The U.S. Dept. of Labor's The Veteran Gold Card provides post-9/11 veterans with extra support as they transition out of the military.