Snap Fact #306 - Alan Grayson of Florida’s 9th District Will Press the President To Focus on Getting the Housing Market Back In Shape!

Post date: Sep 15, 2012 2:25:46 PM

Snap Fact #306

Alan Grayson of Florida’s 9th District Will Press the President To Focus on Getting the Housing Market Back In Shape!

Alan Grayson of Florida’s 9th District Will Press the President To Focus on Getting the Housing Market Back In Shape!Former Congressman Alan Grayson is running to bring his articulate voice back to Washington in 2013. The candidate is running in the newly drawn 9th U.S. House District — which includes Osceola County and parts of Orange and Polk Counties as well.

Nearly 20% of Florida homes are vacant

CNNMoney has reported that the Census Bureau revealed that 18% -- or 1.6 million -- of the Sunshine State's homes are sitting vacant. That's a rise of more than 63% over the past 10 years. Virtually the entire state of Florida is affected with this unhappy situation, but two of the top 10 problematic counties fall in the newly created 9th Congressional District which being contested between former Congressman Alan Grayson and Todd Long, who is as far to the right (wrong) side as one can go and still walk the streets a free man.  

The vacancy problem is more dire in Florida than in any other bubble market, but it is a problem all over the country. Nevada, another state with  a high foreclosure rate, has about 14% sitting empty. Arizona has a vacancy rate of about 16%.

“Todd Long is more interested in dismantling Medicare, turning Social Security over to the gamblers on Wall Street, and making English our official language than our housing problem.  What he should be focusing on are the real problems in people’s lives,”  commented Todd Jurkowski , Grayson’s Communications Director.   “Alan will keep fighting to expand his successful Mandatory Mediation Program.  The program requires lenders to sit down with the homeowner in front of a mediator, at the bank’s expense, and try to work out a solution.  Foreclosures in Orange County dropped by 50% after the program started.” 

The housing issue is one of the many items on Congressman Grayson’s agenda that will benefit his constituents and more broadly, the entire nation. A singular demonstration of Grayson in action is his brilliant Mandatory Mediation solution to foreclosures. The man is a creative problem solver who looks at the world through “can do eyes” and he gets results. (See the *addendum below) 

Grayson is not a single issue candidate. He will bring an experienced voice back to Washington - a voice that understands the problems of ordinary people here in Florida. He will protect Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security so our seniors do not have to split their pills in half or wonder if their retirement check will disappear. His plans include a program to make it easier to get access to small business loans.

The homeowner’s plight, as well as some of the other issues we’ve touched upon, is very real and very personal to the citizens of Florida District 9. We urge our readers to compare the reality of this district to your own. These issues are similar throughout the country. An informed voter is the best voter, so learn about the facts and vote in your own self-interest and in the interest of your community - and your country.

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President Obama is going to need the partnership of a progressive Democratic Congress to get America back on track. Voters have to be especially vigilant to not return the far right members to Washington where they have blocked every attempt the President has made to compromise and move the country forward.

Voters in Florida’s 9th have one of the starkest choices in the nation. Alan Grayson is a proven commodity. He is an unabashed progressive running against a shameless right winger. Grayson has proved his courage, his intelligence, and his ability to speak out and act on issues in a manner that.makes a difference.

This is the second of a series of SNAP-CAPS that will highlight why the President needs a Progressive Democratic Congress as his partner to get the country back on track; and why the Congress needs a president that will lead the way.

This mini-series boils down national issues to show the impact on your own community. Seeing how these issues affect your own district will add another dimension to understanding of how national concerns affect your community at a very local level. At the same time we will explore how your electoral choices will reflect back to affect the entire country. 

Today’s Snap Cap comes to us from the 9th Congressional District of Florida where the housing market has been extremely hard hit by the recession.


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Congressman Alan Grayson

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Chief Judge Honors Grayson's Request For Mandatory Mediation

(Orlando, FL) - Today, Congressman Alan Grayson (FL-8) applauded a decision by Chief Judge Belvin Perry to require mandatory mediation for all owner-occupied foreclosure proceedings in Orange and Osceola counties.  The order comes in response to a letter written by Congressman Grayson on February 12, 2009, requesting such a process be implemented.

Congressman Grayson was thrilled when he heard the news of Judge Perry's order.  "Thank God! The American dream is to own a home.  The American nightmare is to lose one.  I am glad I could help keep families in their homes," Grayson said.

Judge Perry's order requires mortgage lenders to negotiate in good faith within 45 days of a homeowner's request for mediation.  In the past, some homeowners may have opted against mediation due to the financial obligations that come with it.  The order requires the mortgage lender to cover the cost of the mediation, thereby eliminating one hurdle for homeowners to find a fair solution to their crisis.

Grayson's letter to Judge Perry laid out a compelling case for mandatory mediation.  In the letter, Grayson wrote, "When a homeowner is at risk of foreclosure, it makes sense to bring lenders to the table and attempt to work out – in good faith – a deal that saves the mortgage for the lender, the home for the family, and the neighborhood value for the community.  Many lenders, I am told, have been unresponsive, institutionally unequipped to work with homeowners to save these deals even when it makes financial sense for all parties to do so."  The order takes effect immediately.