Snap Fact #138

Post date: Mar 22, 2012 1:59:5 PM

Snap Fact #138

President Obama Has Always Championed The Cause of Teachers, Police and Firefighters! 

On Aug 11, 2010 President Obama signed the $26 billion bill bailout for cash-strapped states that was meant to save at least 300,000 teachers, law enforcement officers, and other workers in the public sector from the current bad economy and high unemployment. According to FOX News over half the jobs would be in education with the balance being police officers and other public servants.

Specifically, the legislation was developed to provide funding to school districts and local/state governments to maintain public workers in education such as teachers, administrators, principals, school nurses, counselors, etc. 

Upon passage, Senator Benjamin L. Cardin, Democrat of Maryland, said, “As our children prepare to go back to school, I am thankful that we were able to keep teachers in the classroom, school bus drivers on their routes and school nurses and counselors in place to ensure our children’s safety."

In a truly fair and balanced report Fox News reported the story with a great degree of accuracy (see first link below).

 That source also reported that "Republicans saw it differently, calling the bill a giveaway to teachers' unions and another example of profligate Washington spending that Democrats would pay for in the coming election", thus indicating the position of the opposition for a bill that supports education and public services in America.  The shadows of this philosophical battle 2 years ago still loom large today and could have an effect on the 2012 election. Reuters recently reported the following:

"COLUMBUS, Ohio (Reuters) - As Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum fight to win Ohio's presidential primary on Tuesday, Republican hopes of victory here in November may be jeopardized by lingering fallout over a labor rights dispute that left blue-collar voters cold.

A failed attempt by the state's Republican governor to limit collective bargaining rights for public unions last year altered the political landscape in this battleground state.

Ohio Democrats are enjoying greater fundraising and the unlikely return of middle class "Reagan Democrats" to the party after voters repealed a law championed by Governor John Kasich to limit collective bargaining rights for fire fighters, police officers, and other state workers."