The Rational Majority: INformation, INspiration, INvolvement

We have the People - We have the Power

TRM© "An Idea Who's Time Has Come!"

The Rational Majority© is an umbrella for various projects whose mission is to give voice to the millions of Americans who have "HAD ENOUGH". Each project is geared to work in synergy with the others while working in support of all affiliated progressive groups, organizations, aligned individuals, and others.

To accomplish our mission, we employ several related programs and projects. These are further detailed in the below links:

You can go to these pages to learn a little more about our overarching philosophy and our special metaphor, the Snap Cap. Please also note the letters of support we've received from some of our special affiliates:

And here you can take a look at our esteemed list of affiliates and also find out how you can join our network as an affiliate:

Finally, you can see photos from events we host or otherwise attend: