Your Role

All you need to do is agree to be part of the SOS Super Network by providing access to your organization’s existing communications platforms. We just ask that you re-post our periodic unified messages to your constituents. We don’t want your list, only your OK to make the reposts.

Each non-partisan message will address a particular issue (environment, gun violence, citizen rights, the economy, etc, etc.) Our posts will be attractive, concise, and always truthful, informative, and inspirational. The ultimate purpose of each posting is to encourage action from the recipients, most importantly to vote.

Together with other front line Progressive organizations and groups the combination of reaching out to all of our combined memberships will provide a powerful means to reach a broad range of Americans. Millions of our fellow citizens have had enough! They want to do something to take back our country from the irrational minority who presently have their hands on all the essential levers of power.

Our unified common messages are geared to ultimately assist our combined constituency to transform their desire to do something into actual actions. The consistent overarching message in all posts will be to inspire and assist the viewer to vote, preferably by early mail ballot. That is an action that we can all support.

Each post will have two sections. 1. FACTS - Factual information about each issue. 2, ACTS - What the viewer can do to make a difference about that issue. You have no obligation. If you don’t like a particular message for any reason, don’t post it. You have the last word, that’s it.

We fill a missing and necessary piece in the Resistance by providing a platform for a united and consistent communication to have the community put forward a common message alongside the individual information that your organization is putting out to your constituents.