TRMtube©: Our Video-based Messaging Services

As an important part of our many modalities for education and INspiration to Action, TRM is developing videos to deliver messages in powerfully amplified ways. Like our other means of messaging, it is our intent to offer this to you and your affiliate organization for propagation to your followers. As part of this, we offer the opportunity for you to brand these videos as your own through the inclusion of your logos and other tags of your brand. All you need to do is ASK!

Our First TRMtube Video: A Call to Action to End Gun Violence

Please watch this important ad from our YouTube Channel. It should leave no doubt about why we need to fight for sensible Gun Safety measures NOW, and why we need the power of the Ballot Box to eliminate the paid-off politicians who care more about their incumbency than they care about the lives of innocent Americans.

Note: All videos in our YouTube Channel are the intellectual property of The Rational Majority. However, any affiliate wishing to broadcast our videos may request that we customize/adapt the videos with logos and language supporting the branding needs of the affiliate organization, or the affiliate is welcome to rebroadcast our videos in their original form.

And here is a shorter version of our ad. Feel free to share either or both ads with all who you believe need to be motivated to join us in the fight for sensible Gun Safety measures.