SPEAKERS BUREAU - In-Person information & inspiration

The purpose of the Speakers Network is to bring the personal experience of students out into the wider community through face-to-face meetings, presentations, and other means.

Under student leadership, youthful leaders join with elders in discussion of the gun violence issue. Here in Southeast Florida we have the unfortunate advantage of immediacy to the students of Parkland to join with other students and adults to concentrate on the gun violence issue from experience.

Rolling this valuable program out nationally the doors will be opened for communities to organize their Speakers Bureaus to discuss gun violence and other issues of importance. We will provide a simple organizing manual to assist communities throughout the U.S. to have this wonderful tool. The Bureaus work in conjunction with School and Grandparents programs.


The Rational Majority and our friends and affiliates have assembled an incredible STUDENT SPEAKERS PANEL. Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas H.S. in Parkland and other area schools would love to share their spellbinding stories with your group.

The presentation usually runs 60 - 90 minutes including plenty of time for Q & A. The panels consist of six to ten individuals. Each panelist is an articulate activist who will share their own unique experience. They will mesmerize your audiences. To experience them in person is enlightening, and inspiring.

Steve West is accepting requests now for presentations through the balance of 2018. Please be sure to have at least 100 in your audience. Clubs may combine if practical. Evenings are usually better - especially during the school year - but all requests will be considered.

Steve can be reached at 561-499-0974 or e-mail at Steve@therationalmajority.org