S.O.S. is the international distress signal and call for help. It’s past time for the Progressive Community to answer this call to action with a UNIFIED VOICE.

SOS’s sole mission is to deploy and employ a nation-wide Progressive Communications Network to educate and activate citizens in support of the burgeoning grassroots resistance movement. Accomplishing this task is eminently simple and quickly attainable at zero cost.

Imagine an affiliated Information Network with a unified message reaching every corner of America. This is missing in the Progressive Movement. Finding our common voice will strengthen us immeasurably. This communal message will not interfere with anyone's work or focus. Your organization will go about its specific business as always.

For maximum success we need your participation. We invite you to be part of the Network. We simply ask you to re-send our provided informational messaging to your constituency so our entire community puts forward the overriding non-partisan message urging citizens to become INformed, INspired, INvolved participants in the resistance.

Each message has two components. First, an attractive and easy to read FACT Section to inform your constituents with facts about today’s issues. Second, an ACT section lists a What You Can Do menu providing the reader with a variety of actions they can personally take in response to each particular featured issue. This section contains links to affiliated organization’s web sites to increase support for your work.

Each message will address another issue. However there will be one overriding message that we all agree on - “get informed, get motivated, support the front line organizations, and get yourselves and other voters to the polls. Our messages will be informative, fact based, and non-partisan. Click here for support letters from our first affiliates the Palm Beach County Democratic Party and the Parkland students, March For Our Lives.