Families Fighting Gun Violence - Together

TRM’s initial project is “Generation to Generation (G2G): Ending Gun Violence”. This project is in conjunction with, and standing on the shoulders of, the March For Our Lives student movement of Parkland, Florida. This also includes all other participating organizations and community groups who are on our purpose line. If you are a parent or grandparent who understands and appreciates what the Parkland students have started you’ll want to read this (aunts, uncles, and friends are welcome as well).

Here you will find a tangible way to participate in the resistance with the youth of our country through your personal relationship with your own progeny.

G2G is standing on the shoulders of the incredible movement that the Parkland students have created - like the Phoenix rising from the ashes of their personal tragedy. Students everywhere have passed the torch to light a powerful fire under the rear ends of politicians, the NRA, and others who have so unreasonably held the levers of power to hijack America from our traditional values and ideals. This fire will melt the long-feared, cold-steel gun barrel of the NRA, and it will burn down the political careers of those who have sold their souls to that evil cabal.

Many of us “mature folks” have been anxious to demonstrate that we’ve HAD ENOUGH! with the current direction of our country. You’re in luck: G2G will offer you opportunities to not only speak out, but to do so with the additional benefit of deepening your familial relationships. Even if you all don’t agree with one another, respectful healthy discussion will give value to all.

It’s beholden upon every one of us to speak out about gun violence as well as the too many other issues that are dividing our great country. If you want to play, please return the little pledge below by e-mail. That is the ticket to receive our issue oriented e-mails that will accurately explain various issues and suggest projects that you can do together. Also print the pledge as a reminder to all your participating family members.

You are making no commitment - except to your self. There are never requests for donations. You only do what you can and want to do, and you do it together between the elders and youth of your family.