Dr. Robert Watson and TRM's CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer), Steve West are long time social activists. Over the last 10 years they have collaborated on several projects. Particularly relevant here was The Rational Majority.

In 2017 the two set a goal of determining what is missing in the Progressive Community that allows us to win some battles but to keep losing the war. The two friends deduced that there was a single thing with two aspects missing. The Progressive organizations are doing great work but inter-organizational cooperation is weak. More problematic is that the message to the public was splintered and did not contain a unified overarching message.

If this is true, what could be done to correct the situation? After some deliberation the answer was apparent - and it already existed.

The resulting S.O.S. program is quite simple and eminently doable. The only thing needed is for a collective of organizations to permit their existing communications systems to rebroadcast unified common cause messaging to their grass roots constituents.

The researchers realized that this could be achieved quickly and without cost of time or money. The challenge would be to assemble a cooperative group of Progressive Organizations who share the vision and are willing to participate. TRM is solely staffed by knowledgeable and committed volunteers. No one ever takes a salary or payment of any kind.

By cooperating with this request to post weekly S.O.S. messages, your organization will automatically be part of a Progressive Information Superstructure that will deliver weekly FACT & ACT messages that are geared to inform your constituents with relevant facts and actions about the catalog of issues that are destroying America. Armed with Facts and Acts, readers can take effective action to make a difference.

The super-ordinate message of early voting is the umbrella that unites us all. At the same time, the power of this program is to feature a steady stream of specific subordinate issues such as gun violence, environment, woman’s rights, etc, etc. to the public. Each week’s message will be focused on a specific issue with expert short informative messages attractively packaged to insure a high percentage readership.

Although we want everyone involved, the primary target of S.O.S. communications is not necessarily your leadership. We are aimed at the massive grass roots constituency who are longing to do something and just need to have a clear unified guide to transform their anger and frustration about today’s situation into action.

We are beginning our effort in South Florida and expect to be nationwide quickly. That means an increase in the quantity and the quality of the grass roots population. A more informed constituency, that is more involved in hands on activity is more motivated to work and vote - and who will be more motivated to donate their efforts and their money to your work.

Any remaining questions or comments are welcome. I’m happy to speak with you anytime.

CONTACT: Steve West

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