The Palm Beach County Democratic Party recommends your participation...

Dear Affiliate,

Our colleagues, Steve West and Robert Watson, have offered up S.O.S. a unique strategy for a collaborative project that will bring your organization together with other key resistance leaders into a limited aligned relationship. S.O.S. is more than just a nice idea encouraging us all to work together. Their focused objective has a hard nosed purpose which can be put into place quickly, without cost, and will be a powerful new tool for the benefit of the entire progressive community.

S.O.S. has one single focused purpose - “Uniting the resistance community in common cause to deploy and employ an information superstructure to reach millions of citizens with the facts on issues and information on how they can actively participate".

The only thing that S.O.S. requests is our and your cooperation to reach the grass roots citizens that we each have access to. Many of us together can put out a unified message which we all believe is missing. This will lead to a better educated electorate on the issues as well as more participation and support for all existing organizations as well as bringing more informed, inspired, and involved voters to the polls.

F.Y.I. - S.O.S. is an ad-hoc, self-funded group of citizen volunteers who are independent of any other organizations.

Steve will contact you with a more detailed explanation including a request for your involvement.

We can assure you that there is nothing more required from you than to agree with the S.O.S. plan and allow your grass roots communication system to be optionally available for you to distribute common messages to all your grass roots constituencies. The Florida Democratic Party is proud to join you in participating with SOS and we hope you will too.

Those who wish to may also sign an optional Statement of Common Purpose in order to more powerfully show our unity as we have.

We trust that you will join with the Palm Beach County Democratic Party in support of S.O.S.


Terrie Rizzo, Chair

Dr. Deandre Poole, Vice Chair

MARCH FOR OUR LIVES recommends your participation...

After learning about The Rational Majority’s programs from Steve West, we offer our full support and approval for their endeavors. Although our platform specifically calls for youth voter turnout, we are fully aware that there are many other demographics that we can reach out to. It is important for these groups to learn from the youth of our time, and what we are accomplishing and what we stand for.

TRM’s is doing that with their various projects such as the Communications Super-Network (S.O.S.), The Speakers Network, and Across The Generations ( a/k/a Grandparents Against Gun Violence). These and TRM's other programs are in sync with us.

Every single vote matters; that being said, an informed voter is far more valuable than someone voting without conviction, or not even bothering to vote. This is why these projects are so important for the American public. The generations have to learn from one another and influence each other. Meaningful conversations should not only take place between Senators and Congresspersons, but also in our homes and with our own families and friends.

Therefore we urge our fellow Progressives to implement S.O.S. messages into your information platforms so that we all can come together as one community and broadcast a united Progressive voice that everyone can be a part of. Whatever your organizational message is, the one thing we all agree upon is to motivate informed and inspired Americans, young and old, to vote - and to vote early.