The attractive Rational Majority “SNAP CAP” is a proven and reliable way get one’s message opened and read. When a TRM e-mail is opened the reader sees an attractive bottle cap with a short message. It’s easier to read the message than delete the e-mail. At the very least the headline will be read delivering the basic message.

For many, the headline will provoke curiosity to read more. A snap >click< on the CAP will reveal a short FACTUAL ARTICLE for those who want to delve more into the subject at hand. Another >click< will access the “What You Can Do” ACTION menu. Each action item links directly to an affiliate’s web site where the reader can learn how to get involved by volunteering, contributing, marching, petitioning, or taking other actions. We believe millions of citizens are waiting to get involved.

Like a newspaper reader, the viewer gets the information at a level that suits them. If they like the headline they will want to read the article. In any event they get the informational headline at the very least.

NOTE: The sample FACT & ACT SNAP CAP above will contain a headline such as “Here’s how gun violence can be curbed”.