Snap Fact #264
President Obama Effected a Staff Pay Freeze and Limited Their Lobbying Actions via Executive Order!
In order to ensure that top White House staff members and all participants on his administration’s team have to play by the same rules as all other Americans, President Obama signed an executive order in January in 2009 to minimize their lobbying potential and to freeze their salaries. 

This policy had an impact on nearly 100 White House workers who make at least $100,000 a year. Specifically, the order said that White House staff members who leave office cannot use their influence to lobby current workers, and new employees who are recently hired are forbidden to work on issues they previously have lobbied for. 

"The new rules on lobbying alone, no matter how tough, are not enough to fix a broken system in Washington," said the President. "That's why I'm also setting rules that govern not just lobbyists but all those who have been selected to serve in my administration."