Snap Fact #244
President Obama Supports Teachers and Teachers Support the President, in Spite of Some Policy Disagreements!
President Obama has shown his support to teachers across the country by proposing a budget plan to Congress requesting $80 million for the Education Department to support math and science teacher preparation programs. 

The President has a goal of having more than 100,000 science and math teachers in the classroom because American students have been consistently losing ground to foreign school systems when it comes to math and science. 

President Obama also asked Congress to provide more funding to states hiring more public sector workers including teachers. As a result, President Obama opposed the No Child Left Behind Act signed by President Bush in 2001 punishing teachers for students’ failure on standardized exams. 
"That's why a critical part of the jobs bill that I sent to Congress back in September was to help states prevent even more layoffs and rehire even more teachers who had lost their jobs," the president said recently.

Like everything else in this complicated world, teachers are not of one mind regarding their support for the President. There has been a lot of friction and disappointment from many teachers who feel that some of the administration’s policies are not correct and that they are not being included in the process of improving our broken educational system. 

Still individual teachers and their unions are looking at the overt hostility of the Republicans and deciding that there is no question that the President is the clear choice for them. In spite of their concerns and disagreements on certain policy issues, the largest teacher’s unions were among the first to officially endorse President Obama for a second term.