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Snap-O Fact #90

President Obama Signed The Military Spouses Residency Relief Act!
One must wonder with awe at the amount of detail President Obama is able to handle every day. The breadth and depth of the range of issues on the President's plate is astounding. For example, on Nov 11, 2009 President Obama signed the Military Souses Residency Relief Act. This law protects the tax benefits of spouses of military personnel who have to relocate because of their spouses’ military duty. 

Specifically according to this legislation, “the fact that a military spouse is present in or absent from a jurisdiction in the United States will not affect that spouse’s residence or domicile for tax purposes, as long as that presence in (or absence from) the jurisdiction is due to the service member’s compliance with military orders. In addition, any income the military spouse earns in a jurisdiction will not be treated as income from services performed or sources within that jurisdiction if that spouse is not treated as a resident of the jurisdiction under the act.”