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Snap-O Fact #76

President Obama Signs Legislation To Protect Sports and Food Fishing!
It is nothing short of amazing what President Obama has on his radar screen. No matter how marginal an issue might seem in the scheme of things, the President is able to multitask and solve many lesser but important problems while not taking his eyes off the mega-issues of jobs, the economy, and foreign affairs. Today's SNAP-CAP provides a good example:
Asian carp are a group of invasive freshwater fish that pose a clear threat to our Great Lakes and other waterways. These Asian fish have been systematically damaging the food resources and habitats of native food and sport fish populations. On December 14, 2010 President Obama signed the Asian Carp Prevention and Control Act which was proposed by Democratic Senator Carl Levin of Michigan. This act prohibits any imported or shipped Asian carp to enter the the U.S. under the Lacey Act. Banning these fish from our nation's waters will help protect our agriculture and food supply.