Snap-O Fact #48
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President Obama Signed The Truth In Caller ID Act.

Caller identification or Caller ID was originally created for consumers to see the names and/or companies of callers on the phone. However, the initial positive intention of Caller ID had gone awry since identity thieves could disguise their identity with impunity. They might appear on your phone as a bank, a social security department, or a government agency, etc. This unethical but heretofore legal rouse would assist the caller to get personal information such as a victim's bank account or social security number. In order to avoid fraud, identity stealing, and other harmful actions, President Obama signed the Truth in Caller ID Act on Dec 22, 2010. This act protects customers by prohibiting anybody using any inaccurate or misleading caller ID information. Violators now must pay a fine of up to $10,000 for each violation.