Snap-Dragon #3
Do You Believe That President Obama Is Going To Tax Every Transaction You Make? 
The following is a typical Right Wing made up recipe that has been going around the e-mail circuit for the last year. It is a gourmet cook book quality example made up of the ingredients of misinformation, disinformation, and distortion dumped into a blender, mixed, spiced with a few outright lies, and baked at 450 degrees. The resultant slop is then served up to only the most gullible of diners. 

After reading the e-mail (below) it might sound like the real deal; but it is not real and you will see how it is clumsily cobbled together. The author wants you to believe that the evil President Obama is poised to impose a 1% tax on every financial transaction that you make. Furthermore, he isn’t going to do it until after the election in November – so vote against Obama so he can’t cook up this dastardly desert. 

There are a few signs that almost always tip off this type of farce. One is attitude. You can almost taste the loathing for Obama. The hateful chefs can’t resist mixing in a little arsenic into their fine vittles. Also watch out for signs of general paranoia and conspiracy theories. Another tip is the phony reference to a fact check organization, which they know few people will check after hearing that the author has already done so for them and avers this “fact”. 

After reading this piece of tripe you will be very interested in learning that the very fact check organization that is quoted as the authenticator of the e-mail clearly states that the e-mail is an out-and-out lie, and they explain why. 

Beware of the food poisoning loaded ideas you are about to read. Continue on to check the SNOPES link yourself. You will be amazed at how this e-mail was concocted. When you get one of these e-mails check it out and then send the antidote to the person who sent it to you and ask them to pass it back up their chain.