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President Obama stands firm on his DREAM Act proposal while Republicans firmly oppose serious immigration reform!

President Obama while in the Senate, introduced a controversial amendment to the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007 (evolving DREAM Act). His remarks, calling for justice and democratic values in immigration reform legislation, sparked a well-publicized verbal scuffle with Republican Senator Lindsay Graham (SC). His promise to fight on for the passage of the DREAM Act, while presidential candidate and Chief Executive, is well documented. The Republican legislators in Congress have shown no interest in the DREAM Act. None of the Republican candidates running for the party's presidential nomination support the DREAM Act. Newt Gingrich comes the closest except for the fact that he doesn't provide a pathway for qualifying "illegal's" to actually become citizens. In other words, they will not gain the right to vote! In practical terms, the Republican position on this is patently clear and neither Newt nor anyone else is going to support the Dream Act, even if they sincerely wanted to they would be blocked by party policy.